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(Last Updated On: February 11, 2018)

Calculating The Value Of My House In Connecticut… A Few Tips


Certainly, paying a professional to conduct an appraisal is the best way to go about calculating the true value of your house in Connecticut. But you may not be at that point yet, and so the expense wouldn’t be justified. Maybe you’re just now in the early stages of thinking about selling your house. In that case, there are still some things you can do on your own to arrive at a pretty good idea of the value of your house.

Use an Appraiser’s point Of View

It helps to understand the criteria appraisers use to determine the fair market value of a house. Primarily, they look at the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, total inside square footage, lot size, the age of the property, HVAC system, and overall condition. Other chief considerations are the location-related matters like crime rate, local amenities, and access to transportation. Using an appraiser’s eye for calculating the true value of your house in Connecticut is a good way to start.

Look at Neighboring Sales In Your Area

Recent House sales Connecticut

Next, just as an agent would in running comps, take a look at comparable home sales in the neighborhood. There a number of online resources you can use to check the sale prices of comparable houses with respect to size, age, number of rooms, construction type, and features. In addition, you’ll want to consider only homes that have sold within the last few months.

Determine the Price Per Square Foot (PPSF)

Another good tactic for calculating the true value of your house in Connecticut is to try to determine the price per square foot (PPSF). This, too, involves comparing your house to similar houses that have sold in the neighborhood. You can do a quick search on Zillow or Redfin to find comparable sales in your area to get a good idea of your homes value. Those values can some times be way off so it’s best ot only use those as a starting point.

So when doing your own comparable market analysis, be sure to note the square footage of the houses you’re considering. Then divide the sale price of the house by total square footage to arrive at the PPSF. The next step is to add up the several PPSFs you’ve calculated and then divide by the total number of PPSFs you added together, which will yield the average PPSF. All you have to do then id multiply the square footage of your house by that average PPSF. You will then have a general idea or your house’s fair market value.

Consider Special Features/Qualities

But in calculating the true value of your house in Connecticut don’t neglect to take into consideration the special features and qualities your house may possess. These can sometimes increase the value significantly (or, in some cases, lower it).

A Few Things That Will Lower House Value

  • Unusual Upgrades
  • Neighbors that are hoarders or messy
  • Proximity to a main road or highway
  • Recent sales of foreclosures or short sales in your area

A Few Things That Can Raise Your House Value

  • Kitchen Remodel (Still the best bang for your buck)
  • Energy Efficiency upgrades like windows and led lighting
  • Hard Wood Floors
  • Neutral Paint color scheme to please more potential buyers
Paint color ideas for selling your house
This color scheme will certainly insure your house does not sell!!

You will certainly want to take into account any recent upgrades – for example, new tiles and fixtures in the bathroom, new appliances in the kitchen, a new roof, or new siding. Or if your house has a large screened-in deck or is close to a good school, these features can add to the value. The comparable value analysis and the average PPSF are just starting points or base prices. Be sure to consider as well what your house has to offer beyond the mere basics in comparable houses.

And then there’s the other side of the coin, too. If your house isn’t in as good a shape as those you’re comparing against, it will be worthless. So be sure to be brutally honest with yourself.

These are all good tactics for calculating the true value of your house in Connecticut. Of course, you could always have a real estate agent do a comparable market analysis, but you can get fairly close to that on your own. If you tried selling your house or maybe your just not sure where to start because your house needs repairs. Have you considered using a Cash Home Buyer. At Clifford Group we specialize in buying houses that need work. Learn How To Sell Your House Fast In Connecticut


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