Follow the one track investor

We are Connecticut’s Premier Family Owned Cash Home Buyers. We work with homeowners providing solutions to there real estate troubles and investors looking for investment property below market value. We simply can’t get to all the investment properties we buy. Our active buyers list of motivated real estate investors helps us keep our doors open and allows us to further their real estate investing carrier. In some cases we even partner with some of our investors on fixer upper properties.

CT investment properties

Unlike the stock market and traditional investing like IRA’s and 401K investments. Investing in Connecticut Real Estate can beĀ your means to an end. If you’re serious about taking your real estate investing carrier to the next level or just starting out as a real estate investor in Connecticut come join our real estate investing team. We even have access to some great property management companies for those of you that are looking for a more passive income in multi family homes in CT.

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